Last week, my goal was to reorganize my hall entryway unit. I was quite pleased with myself for up-cycling some items around the house and turning them into organizational units.

I felt like I needed a small tray to put some key in. One of the items that I wanted to get rid of was an old glasses case that was coming apart. “Eureka!” I thought. I could re-purpose the case into a little tray. It was easy enough. I removed all the covering on the case to find that the body of the case was made of metal. I pried the two sections of the case to come apart with some plyers. Then, I cut out the insoles of my running shoes (new insoles, that I never will use since I have orthotics, also wanted to get rid of this) to  provide some cushioning for the metal case. Lastly, I cut out a piece of paper and pushed it down on the insoles, providing my new trays with a pretty finish. No glue, no fuss, no muss. I can change the paper out when it starts to look uninspiring.


The other thing that I used was plastic salad containers to house all the bits and bobs in my drawer. I glued on paper to the bottom side of the lid and lined the container with a matching piece of paper.

Both my organizational  items were quite stress free to make. The part I like best, is challenging myself to think of a new way to use an item that I might not want anymore.


DIY Luggage tags

We are redoing our laundry room and part of the process has been to figure out what counter-tops, cabinets etc to purchase. Thankfully all the decisions have been made and now we need to install all our purchases.

We had some leftover counter-tops samples and I figured that they could be recycled into luggage tags. Using some hot glue, I stuck two pieces together, covered the sides with tape and stuck on some fabric decorations that I had.


Christmas Star decorations- recycled

Every year after Christmas, I always feel a little nostalgic. To extend my Christmas spirit, I find that I usually make a Christmas decoration for the tree or house.

This year, I found a decoration for Christmas stars, and put my own twist on it. You can use any cardstock that you like. I used some Christmas cards and flyers to create these Christmas tree decorations.

Instead of a 5 point symmetrical star, you can draw a star or use a template to draw an unsymmetrical 5 point star.

You will need a bone folder and a ruler to make the ridges.


1. Flip the the star over to the back. Using the bone folder and ruler, draw a line from each point to the middle.


2. Flip the star back to the front. Using the bone folder and ruler once again, draw lines from the non-points to the middle. (Hope this makes sense)


3. Press along each fold along the star.  Tie a little ribbon and you have a Christmas tree decoration.


These decorations are so light, it is great if the branches on your Christmas tree are thin. They also make cute tags.


Enjoy and have a great 2015.

Brisling sardine pizza

I was inspired by my sister for this recipe. Now this has become my favourite pizza idea. I used a store bought thin wheat crust pizza base. Next I spread hummus on the base.  I used canned brisling sardines (rich in omega-3s), asparagus, cherry tomatoes and blue cheese for the toppings. The sardines get nice and crunchy when baked/ broiled. Bake at 400 F for about 10 minutes, until cheese is bubbly and melted.

This pizza is super easy and really fast to put together. Over the weekend, I bought naan bread (they were about 8 inches in diameter each) and got my family to assemble their own pizzas.  I pulled out various things we had in the fridge and the kids had lots of fun deciding what ingredients to use. I think this is what I will do the next time we have my kids’ friends over for a meal.



DIY- Nature inspired Custom Artwork

I am always looking for creative ways to fill spaces on my wall with things that inspire me. I love to go for walks in parks and different trails and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. I often pick up leaves that I find on my walks as a keepsake of a walk that I have particularly enjoyed.

For my guest bathroom, I decided to use some of my favourite leaves as part of the artwork.

I put the leaves when I brought them home between two sheets of white paper and put them in a thick and heavy book for a couple of weeks.  Once the leaves were dry, I framed them in photo frames that I got from IKEA.

I really enjoy this set of artwork. It is a constant reminder to me of the walks I have enjoyed and of the beauty surrounding us.

DIY Custom Artwork-painted canvas


I wish I had a flair for art and painting. I would then cover my walls with beautiful paintings. However, since drawing and painting is not one of my strengths, I have to come up with much easier alternatives for custom artwork.


Last summer we re-did the master bedroom. I really like the  colour of our room, the comforter and table lamps that we picked up on sale. All that was missing was artwork. Because our comforter has a busy pattern, we needed the artwork to be simple and match our room well. My husband and I have been finding it hard to find something that we both liked at a price that we can afford. We just needed a burst of colour on the wall.


Inspired by a painting I saw on tv, I picked up a 80 x 100 cm canvas at an excess cargo store and painted it a Raspberry truffle. I used a free paint sample from Benjamin Moore to test out the colour first. The raspberry truffle was a good match with the walls and our comforter. My first idea was to get sheets of gold leaf and stick that on the canvas. At the craft store they did not have the type of gold leaf sheets that I was looking for. I then thought of a cheaper and easier solution. I bought some textured gold craft paper on clearance to stick on to my canvas. The tough part was aligning the craft paper, and making sure that both pieces of paper looked straight. Using a tape measure and a pencil, I marked the canvas with lines and stuck the paper on using tacky glue.


My husband and I are quite happy with our custom art that cost us under $25.00. The best part is that the colours matches really well with the bedroom. It was really easy and fun to create this one of a kind painting.


I hope this inspires you to be brave and create your own custom artwork. If you don’t like it, it just takes another coat of paint, to start afresh.

DIY- Artwork (the easy way)

I wish I could paint beautifully. Unfortunately, that is a talent that I have not been blessed with. So I have to be a little creative, when creating artwork for our house.

DIY projects can be fun and also adds a personal touch. When getting the nursery ready for my second child, I found in a thrift store a lovely wooden frame and a Winnie the Pooh puzzle.  My daughter put the 20 piece puzzle together very quickly and I glued the puzzle over the picture that came with the frame.

Now 6 years later, my son has outgrown Winnie the Pooh and likes Star Wars and Superheroes. He felt that it was time for a change.

As the puzzle was stuck firmly in place, I just stuck on a black piece of thick cardstock over the puzzle. Using a glue gun,  I lightly glued a piece of canvas that my son had painted at a recent birthday party on to the black cardstock. The canvas is on sturdily enough, but will be easy to remove, if we want to change it up in the next little bit.

My son is really happy with his new artwork installation and it took minutes to put this new piece in place.


I would love to hear your ideas on any easy DIY artwork projects.