Star Wars Birthday Party

I had the pleasure of organizing and executing another birthday party with my son last Saturday. He turns 7 on October 31. Because it gets too busy around his birthday with Halloween and celebrating with family, his party with his friends is usually celebrated a few weeks before his birthday.

Early in the year, he comes up with a theme and then we start planning and making things for his party. Starting early makes a lot of sense for us because we have lots of time to make things together and have many special moments together without having to rush. It also gives my son something to look forward to and keeps him busy with his “special projects”. My son really loves Star Wars, so I was not surprised with the theme.

We started with the invitations. He got to experiment with power point as we created his card. His favourite part was finding free images on-line to include in his invite. He loved this activity so much, he actually made two versions of the card.


Star Wars Mask (masks, scissors, tape, rubber bands)
We found various mask on the internet. We used the masks as decoration and taped them on the dining room walls. When the kids came, they pick a mask from the wall and then cut it out and finished off the mask. The kids really liked this activity and wanted to make more mask at the end of the party.

Light Saber (pool noodles, duct tape, black electrical tape, green painters tape)

Another big hit was the light sabers. I cut each pool noodle into two.  The kids then decorated the end with tape to make it look like a light saber. Immediately after, they all wanted to use their light sabers and it was getting a little unruly. So I set up a space for them, and two kids got to battle each other for two minutes. This was a lot of fun and it made an unruly situation safe. The light sabers in the picture were two made by the kids.

Star Wars Bingo (paper, markers)

We found this on the internet as well. My son had the task of writing down all the characters on little pieces of paper and folding them before putting them in a little bag. (Yes! I got him to practice his writing without him realizing this).  During the party, my daughter called out the characters and the kids would check off the boxes with the markers. We played until everyone got to call Bingo. Kids who got two lines, got to shout out double bingo. This kept them interested until everyone got to shout Bingo.

Star Wars Hedbanz (Star wars pictures, headbands plastic head gear)

I got two copies of different Star Wars characters. One was reinforced with cut out strips from cereal boxes, to reinforce the pictures. This was placed on the head gear from the Hedbanz game we had. The kids could not see which character they got. To make it a little easier, I placed a copy of the pictures on the table, for everyone to see. This made it easier for all the kids to ask questions.

Death Star Pinata

My son and husband were given this task. They spent a few days over to make this pinata. Then it was painted and decorated to look like a death star. Not too much time was spent decorating as this was going to be broken. We filled it up with candy and some small toys.

The kids took turns using their light saber to hit the pinata. I knew it would be difficult to get the pinata broken with the light saber. But the kids had fun hitting the pinata. For the last round, I pulled out a pinata stick. This broke the pinata very quickly. I gave the kids paper bags to collect their treats.

Balloon game (balloons, light saber)

Using our light saber, the kids had to keep the balloon up in the air for as long as possible. Some of the kids were really good at this.


My son thought it would be a good idea to rename all the food that we were serving with something to do with Star Wars.

We had Yoda Soda- Sprite with food colouring. This was another fun activity before the party. My kids and husband tested various combinations of food colouring to come up with the perfect colour.

French Fries- Solo Sticks, Chicken Nuggets- Trooper Chicken, Hot dogs- Fisto dogs etc.

We typed up menus for the kids. The kids found this so much fun. Even the parents that stayed enjoyed this bit of humor.


We made a light saber cake, using cupcakes. My kids decorated the cupcakes with icing and my son decorated the handles with m&ms. He also choose the colour for the cupcakes.

Goody bags

A few weeks before the party, my son painted sheets of paper which we used to wrap up the gifts for the kids.

Everyone had so much of fun at the party. It was fun watching my son and his friends at the party. Most of all, by working on this together, we got to spend many moments creating special memories.


Superhero training party

My son who just turned 6, finds Superheroes very fascinating. So for his birthday we thought a Superhero training party would be perfect. Here is a quick and easy guide to throwing a fun, two hour superhero party.


I found a really fun birthday invitation and ideas at

While waiting for everyone to come, the kids decorated masks with stickers and markers. We bought different coloured masks from the dollar store.

The kids then had to do four activities in order to graduate their Superhero Training. I made a little booklet with word, and each time an activity was completed, my daughter gave the kids a sticker to put in the appropriate page:


I twirled yarn around our dining room chairs, and the children had to untangle their “webs.”




The kids and  I had fun with this project. We enlarged a colouring page of the Green Goblin, then coloured it and stuck it together a few weeks before the party. It was appropriate that there were pumpkins in the picture as my son’s birthday is in the fall.  Using his plastic bow and arrow, the children got to practice their marksmanship.



3. ENDURANCE- Scavenger Hunt

We hid chocolate and toy soldiers around the living room area, and the kids were instructed to find ten of each. At each hiding spot, I placed more than one item, but I instructed each child to only grab one item at each spot.


My husband set up an obstacle course in our family room using the kids pop up tents, ride on indoor scooters, chairs and a punching bag. The kids had to do the obstacle course twice. Each time they were timed and the second time they had to try and beat their own score.

Once all the activities were completed, we had an award ceremony, and gave each child a cape. A dear family member made the lovely capes for me. If I had to make them, it would not have looked as nice.


After the award ceremony, the kids had some “superhero” food to eat- chicken nuggets, hotdogs,etc. Then it was cake time. I made two square cakes which we cut them into rectangles and layered them one on top of the other. My son wanted the cake to be two colours. Next we placed his superheroes all around the cake and decorated with smarties.


The party would not have flowed smoothly, without the help of my family members. We had my sister and brother-in-law come over to help supervise and run the activities. It certainly makes things much easier when you have extra hands to help.

Crafts- Christmas card

I love everything about Christmas. It is a great time to connect with family and friends. I have family members and dear friends that are in different countries (who are unfortunately not on Facebook), and I am often not very good at keep touch during the year. Sending a Christmas card, is my way of connecting and letting them know that I have been thinking about them.

This year, I incorporated pictures into my card using Photoshop.

My 2011 Christmas Card

If you want the photoshop file, let me know if the comments and I will send it to you.

Hope you have a wonderful time over the holidays connecting with those you love.