Lifemadehappy Efficiency Tip- sugar scrub

I have really dry hands, so I find that I need to use a scrub to get rid of my dead/ dry skin quite often. Sometimes when I am in a rush, I just take a sugar cube or some sugar and mix it with hand soap and wash my hands. The sugar gets rid of the dead skin and the soap gets my hands clean, all in one quick swoop.


Lifemadehappy Efficiency Tip- homemade replacement for alcohol sanitizer

I find alcohol sanitizers make my hands feel extra dry, so when we go for walks or hikes, I usually throw in a bottle of hand soap that has been diluted with water into the car. This makes it easy to quickly wash our hands before having a snack or a treat when we are done our walk. Since the soap is diluted enough, we do not need extra water to rinse of after. Does this get rid of every unseen bug? Probably not, but I think it works well enough.

Lifemadehappy Efficiency Tip-Remembering things you want to buy

I keep a list of things that I would like to buy organized by area in my phone. So when I am out in a particular area, I can check my list and decide if I want to pick it up. For example, there is a certain sausage that I like, that can only be purchased at one store and there is a type of spice that I like at a different store in the same area. These are not places that I go to often, so when I am there, I look at my phone and see what I like in that area. I then get to pick up the items before heading home. This makes my trip a little more efficient.

Lifemadehappy Efficiency Tip- Pack two lunches instead of one

If I have enough food for two lunches, I always pack both at the same time. This way the next day, I don’t have to worry about it [yes I do worry if I do not have a good lunch to eat 🙂 ] and I have a few extra minutes to do something else. I try to do this for everything, if I can pack multiples I get it done at one short. I save time on washing the cutlery used to dish out the food, and getting the food out of the fridge. Everything is ready to go in the morning, when I am rushing out the door.

Lifemadehappy Efficieny Tip- Grow indoor herbs where you have light

Why not grow some indoor herbs by a window that gets a good amount of sunlight. Don’t be restricted to just your home. If you have a good source of light at work, why not grow some mint or rosemary or even cilantro in a pot at work. You can add fresh herbs to your meals all year long.

Lifemadehappy Efficieny Tip – Having a plastic sheet in the car

I find it very helpful to carry a big plastic sheet in my car. Since it can be folded down, it takes up so little space. If you ever have to carry some plants or anything else that may dirty the car, you have a sheet to keep the trunk clean. Or if your passengers have dirty shoes, lay the sheet down on the floor mats to ensure easy clean up later.

And if you are out and want to have an impromptu picnic, you have a mat that will keep you dry even if the ground is damp. I have found my plastic sheet to be quite useful and my car stays cleaner a little longer.

Lifemadehappy Efficieny Tip- Flavoured oil

The next time you need to saute something, make some flavoured oil as well.

You can flavour the oil with things that you like. One of my favourites is a garlic, lemongrass oil.

In a pan, I saute up some crushed garlic and lemongrass with a tablespoon of oil on medium heat until golden brown. Then I add about ½ cup of oil to the pan for about 5 minutes.  You should be able to smell the aroma of the garlic and lemongrass.  When it is cool, transfer to a jar and refrigerate.  Leave a bit on the pan and go ahead with sautéing your dish.

You then have some delicious subtly flavoured oil to easily use the next few times.

Lifemadehappy Efficieny Tip- Chest freezer organization

It has been so difficult to find things in my chest feezer. I had to spend time digging through and removing items before finding what I needed. But I have made things a little easier now by organizing my food items by category and putting them in large cloth reusable grocery bags. I have all my frozen vegetables in one , frozen fruit in another and so on. So now when I need something, I just have to pull out the bag and look for the item I need. I do not lose circulation My fingers appreciate not getting all numb now when looking for something. And the bags can be thrown in the wash whenever necessary.

Lifemadehappy efficiency tips- Breakfast for the week

Feel like having a hearty breakfast, but you do not have time to make it? I make up a batch of steel cut oats and portion it out for two weeks’ worth of breakfasts. Then I freeze the individual containers and move a container to the fridge a couple days before I need to eat it. If you forget, you can always microwave your oatmeal that morning.


The oatmeal freezers really well. This saves me so much time as I do not really have to prepare my breakfast in the morning. I just add milk and whatever toppings or fruit I have.  This usually includes some nuts, chia, flax and protein powder.

When cooking the oatmeal, I throw in a cinnamon stick into the pot for a nice aroma and flavour.

Lifemadehappy efficiency tips- cloth grocery bags=easy cleanup

I know that there is some controversy about using reusable grocery bags vs plastic bags. But if you do use reusable bags, maybe think about using all your cloth bags when grocery shopping.

Reusable grocery bags need to be cleaned since it is used for meats and other food items. Cloth bags can be tossed into the washing machine and cleaned with no trouble whenever necessary. This is certainly easier that having to wipe down each reusable plastic or polyester grocery bag.

Have too many non-cloth reusable bags, use them as gift bags. Tie some ribbon and you have a environment friendly gift bag. This is especially useful for heavy presents.

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