Easy and practical homemade cleaners

With Earth day coming up, I decided to make some household cleaners. I have been wanting to do this for a while, but was not sure how best to proceed. I wanted this endeavor to be easy and stress free. Therefore I needed to find a few cleaners that were easy to prepare and would not require me to get a bunch of additional ingredients that I did not have around the house.

I am starting with three homemade cleaners
1) Handsoap/ dishwashing soap. This is not for the dishwasher. Instead it is for the kitchen sink.
I diluted Dr. Bronner’s castile soap 1:10 with water. (http://lisa.drbronner.com/?p=1127)
I used the lavender castile soap, for a lovely fragrance when washing the dishes.

2) All purpose spray. I got this recipe from David Suzuki’s Queen of Green
(http://www.davidsuzuki.org/publications/downloads/2011/QueenOfGreen-Green-cleaning-recipes.pdf) There are other recipes here as well.

This spray uses- castile soap, borax and essential oils. Once again if you use a castile soap with a scent, you can probably leave the essential oils out.

3) Vegetable wash. Just soak your vegetables in a bowl of water with 1/8 -1/2 cup of vinegar for about 10 minutes and rinse the vegetables well.

I am hoping that with these few simple and easy recipes, I will be able to make the change to become a little greener.

Happy Earth Day!


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