One of my projects for 2013, is to be able to make bread that is healthy and delicious. I also need it to be relatively easy and not too fussy to make. I  found a recipe for multigrain bread from the Canadian Living site []

Even though there are a few steps in this recipe, it is relatively easy. You can do a step and then do your errands/ chores and come back to it.

As I work away from the house during the day,I also experimented with making the bread over a couple of days. I made the starter one evening and continued the next steps, the next evening after coming back from work.  I then shaped the dough and froze it. I took out the dough the night before I wanted fresh bread. Put it in a covered bowl, and kept it in a draft free area (my pantry with the door closed) and baked it up in the morning. Just make sure that the dough is thawed and soft again. I found this to be a relaxed way to have bread when I wanted to.

My variation from the Canadian Living recipe was instead of shaping it as a loaf, I made it round and made slashes on the top of the bread and sprinkled oats on it. I felt this made the bread look more rustic. This multigrain bread is a rather dense, hearty loaf. It is great for dunking in soups or casseroles. It is best eaten warm or toasted.



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