Quick Bookshelf Makeover

I was over at a close friends the other day and noticed the clutter in her bookshelf. My friend has been complaining to me for a while now that she was unhappy about all the excess stuff she had in a small house.

Together we spent about half an hour working on her bookshelf.  We talked about what she needed from her bookshelf. She wanted to have easy access to her books so that she would easily be able to get information she needed from her reference books; she needed a place to keep some cds that she needed to listen to for work; and she needed a place to store all her journals. She is an avid journaler. She was very frustrated with the clutter in her house and did not know where to start.

We picked out a few momentos that she wanted to display in the bookshelf, the rest of the pictures were stored in a photo storage box.  She could pull out the pictures easily when she wanted to look at them. We looked for things she had in the shelf  to re-purpose  instead of having to buy new organizational items, like the basket, which is now used to store her cds.

This was just a quick help project, but I left my friend excited about the results we had achieved.  We discussed strategies for keeping her bookshelf clutter free. My friend was really motivated. Now that she had a glimpse of what her bookshelf could look like and with a lot of the clutter removed, she spent the next day going through her bookcase and removing  additional items and paper that did not belong in her book shelf anymore.




I am so glad that my dear friend’s life is a little happier now.


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  1. JEYA
    Sep 06, 2012 @ 07:59:40

    Thank you Seetha for motivating us with a challenge. I look at my book case and have been inspired to remove all the stuff i have sitting in my book case for years.Actually thinking about it most of what i have have not been looked at for years. So i shall get going, removing lots of stuff, some will go to the thrift store and a lot into the dustbin.

    A clean new book case is a sight to behold!


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