Spinach Lasagna- Our Italian School lunch

As mentioned before, one of the things on my 40 list is to come up with 10 school lunches from different countries ( as requested by my son).  Italy was another country chosen by my children. They love spinach, so spinach lasagna was an easy pick. I use a lot of spinach for my lasagna, as I really want the kids to have something healthy.

I prepared all the different parts for this dish and the kids had fun layering the lasagna. You could add onions to this recipe, but since my kids do not like onions, we left those out.  This recipe will make two 9 x 3 inch lasagnas. This lasagna freezes really well.  I cut it into segments and freeze separately, so they can be pulled out for school lunches at anytime. I just heat a slice up in the morning and put it in our thermos container.


9 pieces oven ready lasagna

4 packs of frozen spinach (340 g each), thawed

3 cloves garlic, minced

1 Tbsp olive oil

freshly ground pepper

Onion powder

Italian seasoning, to taste

2 x 454 g tubs of light Ricotta cheese

2 eggs, beaten

2 cans tomato sauce (398 ml)

4 Tbsp parmesan cheese

1/2 lb cheddar cheese, grated



1. Heat pan, add oil, then add in garlic.

2. Remove excess water from spinach. Add to pan.  Stir in pepper, onion powder and Italian seasoning

3. In a separate bowl, add ricotta and eggs.

4. Spoon half a cup of tomato sauce to the bottom of each baking dish.

5. Lay 3 pieces of lasagna noodle.

6. Spread a layer of ricotta cheese.

7. Add a layer of spinach and a tbsp of parmesan cheese.

8. Add a layer of tomato sauce on top of the spinach layer.

9. Add another 3 pieces of lasagna noodle on top.

10. Repeat steps 6-9.

11. Spread grated cheese on the top layer of noodles.

12. You can make two trays with this recipe.

13. Bake at 400 F for 50 min.

14. Let stand 10 min before cutting.


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