Functional decoration

We have had a few power failures in our neighbourhood these past couple of years. Thankfully it has always occurred just after dinner was all cooked. Our candles are easily accessible, but then I am always scrambling for a place to put the candles. I recently found a bunch of tea light candles in one of my cupboards and was about to give them away, but then I thought I could easily use the candles as part of my decorations, so that I would have the candles easily available in the event of a power failure.  The pictures below are from my bathroom. The candles are now easily accessible for when we have a power failure and serve as added decoration. We have our regular white long candles as well in our emergency bag, but these tea light candles can be lit first to guide our way very quickly.

I painted these  little terracotta pots. The tealight candles fit in them very well. I put the pots in another terracotta pot filled with decorative sand.

The candle below I got from our friend. It looks pretty and will be very functional in a power failure, as  I already have a pretty container to place it on.

The candle below I made by pouring melted wax into a shell. When the wax was still soft, I inserted a candle wick.

I am quite pleased that I have made my decorations a little more functional.


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  1. JEYA
    Apr 27, 2012 @ 22:24:07

    YOU ARE SIMPLY AMAZING.I often have a problem looking for candles during a power failure now this idea is so functional and beautiful Thanks so much for all the common sense you bring into our lives in delightful ways.



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