Foam bench

My mom wanted to get rid of a crib mattress that my kids used  when we stayed over at her place. Unfortunately thrift stores do not accept mattresses and it looked like the fate of the mattress was the dump.  I brought the mattress home, hoping to find another use for it, before taking it to the garbage dump.

Since this was a foam mattress, I could actually cut it up. So I decided that I would make it fit over my son’s streamer trunk toy box and create a little more seating area in his room, by making a foam bench.

First of all I removed the mattress cover, which was made of some water proof type material. I cut up the cover into two big pieces, so that when we go to the park or to the beach, we have some extra mats.

Next using a kitchen knife, I cut the foam to size. I had a piece of camouflage material that did not get used for my son’s last birthday party, so I used it to cover the piece of foam. Other items that are needed are a staple gun and a piece of hard cardboard (from a box) or a piece of foam core for the bottom of the foam. I used a piece of foam core.

I wrapped up the foam, just like wrapping a present.  Instead of using sticky tape, I used my staple gun.













I am quite happy that I saved the mattress and the mattress cover from the dump (at least for now). And my son was quite excited about the new addition to his room.


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  1. Arkay
    Apr 15, 2012 @ 09:12:07

    That’s awesome.


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