Skirt Bags- A great way to recycle a little girl’s skirt

My daughter is very blessed to have Aunts and Grandmas that give her lovely clothes. Some of her clothes have extra special meaning to me, due to the memories that are associated with it. I am trying to hold on less to stuff to reduce clutter in my life, but I could resist turning some of her skirts into bags for her.

Transforming a skirt into a bag is really easy, as there is not much sewing involved. All you have to do is turn the skirt inside out and sew the bottoms together.

Next turn the skirt bag the right way and you have a bag. The last step is to sew a handle. I have used ribbons or belts from the skirt itself. Depending on the height of the person using the bag, (longer ribbon for a taller person), sew the ribbon on either side of the bag.

In less than half an hour you can recycle a skirt into a bag. It is a great keepsake.

My daughter uses her bags for organizing her things. She has a little bear and its clothes in one. Her craft project in another.

This has certainly been a very fun, enjoyable and quick project. Hope you enjoy it too.









For this project, I used an existing bag. I placed the bag inside the skirt and the sewed the top of the skirt to the top of the bag. A very quick project and fast way to decorate an existing plain bag.


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