DIY Custom Artwork-painted canvas


I wish I had a flair for art and painting. I would then cover my walls with beautiful paintings. However, since drawing and painting is not one of my strengths, I have to come up with much easier alternatives for custom artwork.


Last summer we re-did the master bedroom. I really like the  colour of our room, the comforter and table lamps that we picked up on sale. All that was missing was artwork. Because our comforter has a busy pattern, we needed the artwork to be simple and match our room well. My husband and I have been finding it hard to find something that we both liked at a price that we can afford. We just needed a burst of colour on the wall.


Inspired by a painting I saw on tv, I picked up a 80 x 100 cm canvas at an excess cargo store and painted it a Raspberry truffle. I used a free paint sample from Benjamin Moore to test out the colour first. The raspberry truffle was a good match with the walls and our comforter. My first idea was to get sheets of gold leaf and stick that on the canvas. At the craft store they did not have the type of gold leaf sheets that I was looking for. I then thought of a cheaper and easier solution. I bought some textured gold craft paper on clearance to stick on to my canvas. The tough part was aligning the craft paper, and making sure that both pieces of paper looked straight. Using a tape measure and a pencil, I marked the canvas with lines and stuck the paper on using tacky glue.


My husband and I are quite happy with our custom art that cost us under $25.00. The best part is that the colours matches really well with the bedroom. It was really easy and fun to create this one of a kind painting.


I hope this inspires you to be brave and create your own custom artwork. If you don’t like it, it just takes another coat of paint, to start afresh.


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