Steamer trunk halfway revamped

We have had this steamer trunk sitting in our basement forever. My husband got it from his mom and this trunk has been to England and countless other places. I decided to make it a functional item in my house. We placed it in my son’s room after cleaning it out. My son stores all his Superhero and Star Wars toys in it.

I am not quite ready to repaint and strip this trunk, since I believe that my son’s taste will change. When he is older, we can fix this trunk together to suit his bedroom deco.  The trunk unfortunately did not have any cool luggage stamps on it, except for one Air France stamp.  The rest of the stickers were address labels. I spent some time removing all the labels (except the Air France tag) with some rags, soap and a bone folder (I used the bone folder to scratch the labels off without wrecking the trunk further). However there was still a lot of residue from the glue that was used to stick on the labels. My friend gave me a tip about using acetone to remove the residue and it worked like a charm. In a few minutes, the residue was gone. Just make sure the room is well ventilated and you use gloves when working with the acetone.

My son wanted to decorate his chest with pictures of what else- Superheroes and Star Wars. I gave him a few transparencies and stickers and put him to work. He came up with some customized artwork that he was quite please with. I glued the transparencies onto blue paper and taped them on the top of the box. The reason for the transparencies, is that it is a little sturdier that paper and will last a little longer on his chest. At the bottom, we stuck on Star Wars pictures that he chose. Once again I taped them on. We can easily remove them when he wants something new.


Halfway revamped

We have lots to do to fix up this trunk. But for now, it has made my son very happy to have his own Superhero and Star Wars trunk.  This trunk is another avenue for him to display his artwork. He has had a lesson in recycling something and making it more functional…. and more importantly he has a place to keep all his things organized in his bedroom.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Arkay
    Feb 17, 2012 @ 21:19:37

    Isopropanol is an alternative, gentler solvent.

    The white artwork background kind of ruins the look. Perhaps attach cutouts instead?


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