Organizing- free containers

I have a fascination with boxes. Whenever I receive a gift, I am usually as fascinated with my gift, as I am with the box that it comes in. I have to resist the urge to keep every box I receive. I always feel that there might be a great use for the box, especially if it will help me stay organized.

Another thing that I love to do after the kids are in bed is to get in bed, watch tv and do my projects.  To make my life easier, I have organized my bedside drawer to contain some essential items- notepad, pens, glue (for my projects), and as one of my goals for the year is to take better care of myself in 2012, I have also included in my drawer my creams and other necessities. Using my Ferrero Rocher containers, and other containers that I have saved along the way, my drawer is organized to keep everything I need close by.

My drawer and its contents are practical to ME, and it has not cost me anything to be organized; and have everything easily accessible.

A note about containers to save- make sure they are sturdy and can actually hold things well. Clear containers are great, because you can see what is in the container. If you are going to keep oily items, plastic containers are great because you can clean them easily. Square or rectangled shaped containers, I find are better for organizing, instead of round containers as you do not have any wasted space between the containers.


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  1. JEYA
    Feb 04, 2012 @ 18:08:25

    Thank you Seetha once more for great ideas.We may all know this and yet we have messy drawers.I set to get my bedside drawer organized by tonight.


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