Gum Paste Flowers

One of the things on my happy list for 2012 is to decorate all the cakes I make with flowers (well maybe most, my son wants a Star Wars cake for his birthday).

Gum paste flowers are quite easy to make with a few tools. Ready made gum paste is available in craft stores, or can be made from scratch. Using some gum paste, flower shape cutters and a rolling pin you can make some easy flowers. Of course you can get really creative and make more intricate flowers if you enjoy this craft.


Some additional tools that I have are a rolling mat, a veining tool and foam mat (to put the flowers on when you are using the veining tool). However, I find that you do not need the foam mat if you are not making very intricate flowers. Another tool that I have is a flower former, to put the flowers on when you are letting them dry. If you do not have a flower former, do not fret, just let the flowers dry on your rolling mat.


Step 1:

Sprinkle some cornstarch on your rolling surface. This will help the gum paste to not stick on the surface and rolling pin. Just work with a small portion of gum paste at one time. The gum paste dries quickly. Keep the remainder sealed in the packager.   Roll the gum paste as thinly as you can.  The thinner the gum paste, the daintier the flower.

Step 2:

Using your flower cutters, cut out the shapes you want.

Step 3:

Using some yellow fondant, I made the centres for the flowers. I either rolled and cut it out with a cutter or I formed little patties and stuck them in the middle of the flower by using gum glue*.

Step 4:

I used the veining tool for my daisies. For each petal, I drew a vein, to give the flower a more realistic look.

*Gum glue: Mix a small pinch of gum paste in one tablespoon of water. The gum paste will dissolve slowly in the water. I use a clean paint brush (that is designated for this purpose) to paint on a little gum glue in the middle of the flower, where I want to stick the fondant.

Step 5:

These flowers keep for quite a while. Store them in something like a shoe box.

Try this craft out if you want to do something different. You do not need a lot of items if you just want to try it out for fun. My kids enjoy helping me make the flowers, because it is kind of like playing with playdough. I can’t wait to decorate my next cake with these flowers.



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  1. JEYA
    Jan 16, 2012 @ 21:44:58

    Thank you Seetha again for your wonderful contribution.The LORD bless you with many many creative ideas as you so generously share with all of us.


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