Sugee cake- a Eurasian heritage

My grandmother is Eurasian and we had a lot of Portuguese inspired dishes cooked at home. I grew up eating sugee cake at Christmas and weddings. I love the texture of this cake. It is buttery and has a slight crunch because of the almonds. The cake is really easy too make, but you need to mix the butter and the semolina/ sugee and let it sit for a few hours. I usually let it sit overnight in the fridge. There are a lot of eggs used in this recipe, but you can half the recipe and make a smaller cake.  For this much batter, I use a 9 x 3 inch pan and one loaf pan.  You could also use a 9x 9 inch pan.

Semolina, is a grain that is used to make pasta. It is easily obtained at most grocery stores.


1 lb butter

10 0z semolina

7 oz sugar

11 egg yolks

4 eggs

3 oz almonds

5 oz plain four

1 tbsp brandy


1. Beat butter until white and creamy.

2. Fold in sugee and mix well.

3. Leave to soak for 6-8 hours.

4.  Give the batter a quick mix. Add egg yolks and eggs.

5. Add almonds, flour and brandy and mix till well combined.

6. Bake at 350 F until cake is set.  A toothpick when inserted, should come out without any crumbs sticking to it.



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