Necklaces displayed

My daughter has a lot of necklaces and bracelets for an eight year old. She has made some pieces, and many of the others have been given to her by her cousins and grandmas.

We decided to display all her pretty jewellery as artwork in her room and also as a way to be organized.

I had a cork board that I had bought from the thrift store a while back. I had painted the frame of the board and covered the corkboard with remnant wall-paper. Unfortunately, this board kept falling, because of type of frame it was in.  Each time it fell, it left marks on my wall. Finally, I decided to get rid of this corkboard, but then just before I did, inspiration hit. Why not remove the frame and just use the corkboard.

I dug around my stash of ribbons for something to use. As I did not have a long enough piece, I found three matching pieces to use. First, I glued the polka dot ribbon horizontally on the board. I stuck a piece on the top and the second part 3/4 ways down, to hide the seam where the wallpaper is glued together ( I did not have a piece of wall paper that was big enough).

Using the second piece of ribbon that I had, I glued it to the sides of the corkboard. Using my third piece of ribbon, I glued it to back of the board, to create loop to hang my board.  This was a really good way to use different pieces of ribbon.

We stuck on corkboard pins and hung the jewellery on them.

Now my daughter can easily look at her necklaces and bracelets and decide what she wants to use without any fuss.


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  1. Rav
    Dec 07, 2011 @ 02:18:43

    Very nice indeed.


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