Recycled Christmas craft- woven fish ornament

My daughter and I made fish ornaments using recycled Christmas cards for her friends this year. During a recent star student presentation, she shared her ornaments with the class, and her teacher asked that she teach kids in her class to make the fish.

As we had to write out the instructions, we decided to work together to create a blog post as well.  I originally learnt this craft from a 2007 issue of Canadian Living.

Step 1:

Select card to use and cut 6 even strips (about 1/2 inch each).
















Step 2:

Lay 3 strips horizontally and 3 strips vertically, with the inside of the card facing you.








Step 3:

Weave the bottom half of the card first.








Step 4:

Fold top half over and weave the strips .







Step 5:

Glue the body of the fish together.

Step 6:

Cut middle strips, at the body of the fish.

Step 7:

Make 2 or 3 slits on the remaining fins.








Step 8:

Draw eyes on either side of the fish.  Using a needle and thread,  pierce through one of the fins and tie a knot, if you want to hang your fish up.



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