Superhero training party

My son who just turned 6, finds Superheroes very fascinating. So for his birthday we thought a Superhero training party would be perfect. Here is a quick and easy guide to throwing a fun, two hour superhero party.


I found a really fun birthday invitation and ideas at

While waiting for everyone to come, the kids decorated masks with stickers and markers. We bought different coloured masks from the dollar store.

The kids then had to do four activities in order to graduate their Superhero Training. I made a little booklet with word, and each time an activity was completed, my daughter gave the kids a sticker to put in the appropriate page:


I twirled yarn around our dining room chairs, and the children had to untangle their “webs.”




The kids and  I had fun with this project. We enlarged a colouring page of the Green Goblin, then coloured it and stuck it together a few weeks before the party. It was appropriate that there were pumpkins in the picture as my son’s birthday is in the fall.  Using his plastic bow and arrow, the children got to practice their marksmanship.



3. ENDURANCE- Scavenger Hunt

We hid chocolate and toy soldiers around the living room area, and the kids were instructed to find ten of each. At each hiding spot, I placed more than one item, but I instructed each child to only grab one item at each spot.


My husband set up an obstacle course in our family room using the kids pop up tents, ride on indoor scooters, chairs and a punching bag. The kids had to do the obstacle course twice. Each time they were timed and the second time they had to try and beat their own score.

Once all the activities were completed, we had an award ceremony, and gave each child a cape. A dear family member made the lovely capes for me. If I had to make them, it would not have looked as nice.


After the award ceremony, the kids had some “superhero” food to eat- chicken nuggets, hotdogs,etc. Then it was cake time. I made two square cakes which we cut them into rectangles and layered them one on top of the other. My son wanted the cake to be two colours. Next we placed his superheroes all around the cake and decorated with smarties.


The party would not have flowed smoothly, without the help of my family members. We had my sister and brother-in-law come over to help supervise and run the activities. It certainly makes things much easier when you have extra hands to help.


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