Grab and Go bag

A grab and go bag has to be placed in an accessible location and should be easy enough to carry.  The purpose of a grab and go bag is to have all your essential items in one place, so that these items can be snatched immediately when you need to leave your home.

We have a primary bags (that will be carried by my husband and myself), in addition to bags for each member of the family. Our kids bags are smaller, but still holds many essential items.

We used backpacks that we had in our house and assembled kits for each person. You do not have to spend a lot of money on the bags, just get one that is not going to fall apart in an emergency.


Different sized bags for the different sized family members


These are the items in our bags:

  • crank radio*
  • whistle
  • dust mask
  • paper and pen
  • emergency blanket
  • face towel
  • toilet paper
  • hand sanitizer
  • candles and lighter
  • ice pack*
  • heat pack*
  • torchlight and extra batteries
  • first aid kit* (with medication for fever, allergies and other common ailments etc)
  • duct tape*
  • work gloves and latex gloves
  • candy, snacks
  • water
  • gloves
  • money (include change for making calls)
  • garbage bag
  • emergency contact numbers (family, doctor, dentist etc)
  • copy of important documents (bank cards, driver’s licence, medical card, insurance policy numbers)
  • extra pair of glasses
  • change of clothes
  • toiletries
  • Card game

In the kids bags, we also included something to keep them occupied (a game, book)

Our primary bag

Our primary bag

If you have family members with special needs or pets, make sure that you have necessary supplies for them as well.

A lot of these items can probably found in your home. A good place to get the other items are from a dollar store. Set aside one day per year to go through the bags and replace things that expire and to remind family members about your emergency plan.

* In primary bags


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  1. Seetha
    Nov 08, 2011 @ 19:14:19

    Excellent Idea!


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