Organization- Birthday Boxes

The kids and I have lots of fun thinking of themes for their birthday parties. Early in the year, we think of a theme and the start planning and preparing for a party in September and October.

Pros of starting early:

  • The kids have fun, thinking about their party and deciding what activities they would like to have at their party.
  • We can look out for bargains and sales to get what we need for the party.
  • We have time to make the invitations, thank you cards, goody bags, props needed for party. This becomes a project we can enjoy doing as the year progresses.

Cons of starting early:

  • We need a place to store our creations.

 For the longest time, I had two boxes in my study, that looked pretty messy.



A free solution- photocopier boxes with lids.

Photocopier paper box

I painted the boxes with some extra wall paint that we had in the garage and made some labels.

My eye pleasing solution

Each child now has their own box to store supplies for their party. Projects in progress can be stored in the boxes until we have time to continue working on them.
What a difference! I love it. A few simple steps have achieved big results.
Do you have any simple solutions that have satisfying impact?

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